Company Profile



Royal Gent Industrial Corporation was founded in Kaohsiung Taiwan in 1994. At the first phase, we focused on international trading business. Then we began to produce epoxy ester and saturated polyester resins in 1998 to fulfill rapidly growing demands in can coating industry.



 In 2000, Royal Gent realized the huge demands for fundamental resins in Mainland China and decided to invest a factory named “Shanghai Gaodian Chemicals” specializing in acrylic, alkyd, amino and polyester resins for all types of coating industries.


 In 2001, we developed a series of silicone modified polyester resins for non-stick, ironing and heat-resistant coatings after obtaining professional technical supports from Japan, United States, and Europe. By the third quarter of 2006, Royal Gent had set up a bigger plant and a research center in order to meet the demand of gradual business growth.


Because of the trend of environmental protection in the market these years, we not only developed UV curable resins, but also waterborne resins in order to satisfy the request of no pollution for the environment in this industry. And our outstanding quality and services are admired by our customers and let us become a leading role in this industry.